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:rolleyes: Sorry guys, been searching around and I'm a bit frustrated. '04 S60R ... 6spd. Put a new axle on D/S front about 8 mo back. Got a vibration. Changed the axle for a reman one.... still vibration. Changed the wheel bearings (after less than 10k on them ... cheap.. ebay ones) to good wheels bearings... all better on the vibration. However, have a MT leak at the differential output. Probably damaged a seal while messing w/ the axles. ( the cheap chinese axle I had in there had a "expanding ring" that really snagged... had a nasty burr on it and it wouldn't pop out easily:facepalm:) ... so I need an axle seal. So, call up Tasca. none of their parts diagrams show the seal, except for the rear diff diagram. The guy assures me they are the same all around. ok... guess what they send me? an axle expanding ring instead of an axle seal. ok... good thing I also bought an axle seal elsewhere, but I'm trying to get confirmation from SOMEONE who really knows what I need as to a proper part#. I HATE ordering tons of parts and coming up short, not to mention when taking the whole front end appart again doesn't sound awesome. I really don't wanna rip the front end appart to find out I have the wrong part. thanks in advance.

this is best I could find... might fit..


W0133-1632137 corteco ... D/S front axle seal at differential output

is this correct? should I be looking elsewhere? am I crazy for having such a hard time finding the right product, not to mention that NOBODY has a proper parts diagram w/ this part in it????? :mad:

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