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I have been reading a lot about propane conversions for diesels. What it offers sounds pretty good (increased power, better mileage, longer engine life, and the list goes on and on). Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone had firsthand experience with it? Is there any reason it wouldn't work or be beneficial for an engine running Bio? How about SVO/WVO?

For instance, if I were running a Volvo diesel 240/245 on biodiesel and SVO/WVO (with an Elsbett conversion?), would I also be able to do the propane conversion on top of the Elsbett? Am I missing something or overlooking a big red flag?

Any advice or guidance on this matter would be great.


Oh, and here is a link to an article on propane and diesels: http://www.fourwheeler.com/techarticles/23481/
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