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I have searched but couldnt find an answer to a fitament issue I was wondering about.

I have a full set of OEM HID's from a 2001' BMW 525i HID (Projectors, Balast, Xenon bulb)

I was wondering if anyone has tried swapping out lenses (basically changing the bulb type) I am not sure if I am using the correct term for it - so here's a pic:

I wanted to see if anyone has changed the lenses / projectors. So far thru many searches - i've only found kit install threads, but none where the person swapped out the actually hella projector / lense.

I'm looking to find anyone with a similar attempt @ installing OEM Hella / Phillips HIDprojectors onto Halogen lenses. Would appreciate any help, perhaps my search terms were off but i tried everything (archive as well ofcourse)


EDIT: Found an example of what I'm talking about :

I want to convert to HID, but dont want to blind everybody - and want to retain the oem cutoff.

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