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Project 854R - Brake Upgrade

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Project 854R's brakes have been replaced with PBR pads and Power Slot rotors from IPD. The warping problem has gone away, which was our main goal. They also look darn cool behind the Volan alloys. Check it out in our Resources section.
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You went though all that trouble of replacing the brakes and you didn't paint the calipers. Whats up with that?
The **** shop (oops, meant to spell that rAce shop...) in the wintergreen center has the stuff at $60.00 a kit. I bought it a few months ago and it has been able to tolerate acid, brake clean, heat, water, oh and me.
It took a couple of hours to put on but that was while goofing around with other things at the same time.

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Uhm, the filter works well. I can't even type the R-word without the **** showing up. Suppose I was telling you all what I had with my dinner last night. I'm telling ya, it's not the same without friedrice!

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Yeah, the filter does work well....I don't see any reason to filter out r1ce....coming from an asian guy....I likes my r1ce!!! What if I wanted to tell you all that someone spilled a r1ce cooker full of r1ce on my back seat.

Brakes look good, George. I'll probably have to do the same with my V70, think my rotors are warped. Where did you have the work done?
Hehe...I hate to have this topic turn into some regading the filter. I certainly do not mind the word **** ..since we pretty much know what the word R!CER is referring to. Yeah, as an Asian American, I've heard much worse vocabulary to display racial tension.

But I guess it's always better to be safe and sorry when you have a forum like this.

Regarding the brake rotors..seemed like a very easy job on the rear ones, or at least Matt made it seem rather easy last time.

I think any shop out there that does brake job would be able to help you.

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On the 850, we had a shop do the install. It's not a tough job, as I've done it on my Golf, but I don't have the proper tools, and my going to my buddy's house to do it just never seemed to happen. I had Skandinavian Imports in Rockville, MD do it.

If you are doing it to a newer car, be careful on your rotor size. They don't have rotors for certain sizes, but IPD can walk you through that. Their tech guys are great.

On the *ahem* r1ce issue, it's a long drawn out story. We had offended parties on VWvortex and they posed a decent argument as to why it should be banned. All who argued to keep it could not provide a different origin that didn't have racial implications, and thus we decided to go ahead with the ban. We caugh flack over it, but I think the deal is, for those who chose to use it, they could anyway by typing something like r1ce, but they did so knowing that it was found to be offensive. Judge them as you will if you are offended by the term. We simply ported the Vortex filters over when we started swedespeed.

Wait until we switch over to Zero Forums. That filter can replace a word, so the word sh1t, comes out as poop etc.
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