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First of all, my name is Chris Foster and I own TRU Automotive Detailing in Louisville, KY.
Instragram- Personal: @ItsReallySlow , Business: @TRUdetailing (Also on Facebook)


2007 Volvo S40 2.4i "Mike Jones"
Passion Red/ Premium Package
FWD Gear-Tronic 5-Spd
Bought at 556XX Miles.
113 Miles as of 6/27/15

Motor bent a rod
Motor swapped
New motor as of 4/14/15

Stock Options:
Traction Control
Cruise Control
Wood Grain Interior Trim (Replaced)
PowerDriver Seat
Premium Audio W/O Subwoofer

Paint Work:
Cleaned 2x Per week.
1 Full Paint Correction Per Year (Or When Needed)
2 Applications of Opti-Coat
1 Coat of Meguiars 21 2.0 Sealant 2-3 Times Per Year
Caranuba Wax or Quick Wax Before Car shows (15+ Per Year)

5W-30 Castrol Full Synthetic Every 5-6K Miles (7 Quarts)
93 Octane (With <20% Ethanol Blends Once Per Month)
Spark Plugs at 88K
New Engine Mount at 72K
Replaced 3 Coolant Tanks ( Bad Luck)
New motor has 110k on it

Currently chassis and motor have 130k (2-29-16). Euro dash reads 200km :D

Exterior Cosmetic Modifications:
Custom Front Lip
Custom Front Lip Fins
Custom Rear Diffuser
Dual Exhaust Tip Drivers Side Rear Exit
Custom Exhaust Cover For Diffuser ( Page 6 )
Factory Side Skirts Painted To Match Body
Custom Personalized Front Grille
Dave Barton Prancing Moose Stickers
"SAFETY1ST" Euro Swedish Plate
LED License Plate Lights
Prancing Moose Rear Badge with motor sports badge
Plasti-Dipped Mirror Turn Signal
White painted "Halo" Headlights
Painted Headlight eye-lids
Painted Lower Grille and "Fog light cover"
Rally Armor Universal Mud Flaps
De-badged Trunk lid
IPD License Plate
IPD Badge On Left Side Where "S40" Was Originally Located
Elevate Badge On Right Side Where "2.4i" Was Originally Located
Red Painted Calipers
"Winding Road" Sticker ( Top Left Corner of Rear Window )
CTD 5 Sticker ( Top Left Corner of Rear Window )
"TRU Detailing" Sticker. ( Top Right Corner of Rear Window ) (My Detailing Company)
5K Halogen Replacement Bulbs
Vertical Front Mounted LED Light Strips on Lower Bumper
Modified "Fog Light Holders"
Swedish flag and C.Foster driver decals

Wheels and Tires:

Dvinci Styluz M537's 18" x 8.5" ET40
245/40/18 tires

Interior Cosmetic Modifications:
15% Tint
European R-Design Gauge Cluster
Racing harnesses with VOLVO Pads
OEM Gray C30 Interior Trim Kit.
Red Footwell LED's
Flush Mounted Switch for All Aftermarket LED'S
1 Layer Dynamat on Doors and in Trunk/Trunk Lid
Custom Air Vent Gauge Pod
Elevate Black w/Red Floor Mats
Removed Rear Seat Head-Rest
Flush Mounted Bass Knob
Random GoPro Mounts
Completely Custom Wood Floor with carpet in the trunk

(Tablet install and ICM move in the works)

Rockford Fosgate T1 Tweeters Front and Rear Doors
Audioque 6.5" Midbass Front Door Speakers
Rockford Fosgate 6.5" T2 Midbass Rear Doors
Rockford Fosgate T600-4
2 Rockford Fosgate P3 12" in custom box sealed off from the cabin
AudioControl LC2i Line Out-Put Convertor
All Rocford Fosgate Wiring
Big 3 ( In Our case, Big 4 ) Upgraded Wires
LED Power Distribution Block
Custom Floor and trunk setup. Amps in spare tire well covered with a fan mounted on the floor

Glowshift Vacuum Gauge
Dual USB 12V Charger
Volt Meter Mounted next to 12v Outlet

Stock Calipers painted yellow
Akebono Ceramic Pads
R1 Concepts Drilled and slotted rotors

Stock Shocks and Struts
ST Performance Lowering Springs
H&R 10mm Spacers ( Front ) (Final Offset of ET36)
H&R 15mm Spacers (Rear) (Final Offset of ET31)
Elevate Rear Sway Bar

Engine Performance:
Powerflex Race Transmission Mount Insert
Catless, 2 stock resonators and magnaflow race muffler
Custom Intake Manifold Heat Shield (Page 6)
Intake Mods
ECU tuned by ARD Tuning
Port matched intake manifold
T5 injectors

Problems and Stupid sh!t
Was ran off the road by a truck and busted my engine mount and replaced it
Winter 2014 street was icey and i slid into a mailbox and caused $3500 in damage
Has some dents on rear driver door from previous owners
March 2015 I was backing out of my garage and hit my moms car... don't ask... just made a mistake...scratches are there but hardly noticeable after I wet sanded them.

Skip to last page for current pics of car

When I first got the car! I had no idea what a Volvo was, and I didn't care, because I had a car. (Parents choice)
Cleaned up real good and its was AWESOME!

Started my Audio build.... Long story short with few Pics: First system. RF T1 12 with RF Punch 75 25 to life, RF T2 Component speakers.
Couple systems later and my final one.... RF T600-4 for the front doors.. Audioque 6.5's with RF t1 tweets all around. Sundown SA 8 V2 ported in the trunk, light weight sound quality! Love it!

First exterior mod was my "Fosgate" Euro plate.

Then, American Racing Maverick chrome (I know shoot me) wheels.

Red foot-well LED's

The wheel gap :BARF::facepalm:

After a fresh cleaning

Did my Big 3 wires

Plastidipped the "Fog light holder" to match the grille. Still holding up over a year to date!

I Plastidipped my eyelids (still holding up like day 1) , And changed my headlights for 5k's

Voltage meter

Front lip from MyNameIdeasWereTaken :)

Switch for my front LED's and my foot well LED's

Rally Armor universal mudflaps

Quick photoshoot pic
I also dipped the mirror side turn signals!

Painted center splitter in the middle, and removed the grille. Looks better IMO

Night shot!

Plastidipped the front for the "Evo" look and I added the "S40" to the grille.\
I also dip the garage lip mod on the bottom of the lip and dipped it, makes it look lower and more even.
With my buddy's OLD R

De badged the rear and put a pilot exhaust tip on. Last day before the chrome rims went bye-bye

BLACK STOCK RIMS! Made the wheel gap less noticeable on stock ride height. Lo0oks a ton better but I need low...

My last mod so far (Winter and money) My magnaflow cutout

Misc Stuff:
The stickers
I also have one that says "Mailbox Kills: 1 " Because as you all know, I pulverized a mailbox... lol

As you know too, I'm a detailer... No filter showing off the reflection. ;)

And... what the car looks like as of now...

So there yall have it! My thread!

I have stuff on order right now, including some ST lowering springs here in a few weeks, so the chromes will be going back on, with spacers and springs...hopefully im happy with the look.

All other mods from here out will be posted here so keep an eye out!!
Cheers :)

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I really like that! Any more pics of the plastidip?

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Love the lip ;) Seems I recall a whole thread on it. ;)

Have you considered curving the sides of the gasket to flow with the lines better?


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I thought about it and I might! But I kinda like the jagged edges so maybe maybe not! We shall see!

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Hopefully I will be getting my Lowering springs this week! We shall see! Im anxious to get the car back and finally get some fitment.

I have a question though....
Mudflaps...Or not mudflaps?
I like the way they look from all angles, but don't know if its appropriate with the chrome... Remind you it will look better when lowered.

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Yeah, like boss lady will let me do that lol. Im saving for pegs! or maybe some vanilla or something similar

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Car looks AWESOME man, this spring I will be getting come black plastiDip for some of my own projects. Part of me wants to see what my Pegs would look like dipped. But great work man!

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Car looks AWESOME man, this spring I will be getting come black plastiDip for some of my own projects. Part of me wants to see what my Pegs would look like dipped. But great work man!
Photoshop it first! Much cheaper and easier than plastidip. Or PM me some current pictures of your car with pegs and I'll do it tonight.

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Lowerinf spring will be here by wednesday :D thanks Jonxy!!!!!

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The front of your car is bad ass man. It was ballsy to go for, and I'm glad you did. I really like the "toothy look" with the lines and the lights.

Can we get a straight head on shot of the car?

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Well thank you sir :) Ever since i did that people have noriced my lip, shoot i even got a $250 offer on the lip before, of courseni turned it down because uniqueness if worth more than anything go me!
People ask all the time if my car is an audi from a distance lol


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Now if only i had a big ol intercooler in the front.... NA sucks lol
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