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Greetings everyone!

I bought an S60R at auction recently, and it came with only one key, and the flip mechanism was broken. Being a handy guy (I fix laptops, phones, and do some work on cars) I figured I coudl fix the flip mechanism. Well...no. I broke the transponder. Not wanting to suffer through a tow to the dealership and a hefty bill to replace the fob, I borrowed a DICE tool from my mechanic, downloaded the VIDA software, and attempted to program a new key.

This is when I discovered that Volvo electronics are not my friend. At some point during the download to the car, a message came up about PROG mode. I clicked continue per the FAQ I had read at VolvoTechInfo.com, and lights on the car went on and off, but the key programming module never started. I tried to figure out how to start the key programming module to start (the new VIDA looks nothing like any of the ones on the youtube videos) but it would not. So I turned off the key, and prepared to get out of the car to do more research. This is when I noticed that the dash lights (speedo, message system, etc) did not turn off. Several of the dash lights remain on, and the message center displays the message "Brake Failure Stop Safely" which is a very scary message to google for Volvos....

Anyone here have any advice for me at this point? Disconnect the battery (which seems to be more work than normal, given that it's in the trunk)? Jump some wires for a reboot? Other options?
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