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First off, let me start by saying, NEVER take your car to Ontario Volvo.

I dropped off my 8 month old s40 on Wednesday for the 15k service. I mentioned that the paint on the radio knob was peeling, and the carpet clip had popped off for the 5th time. They tell me the car will be done that night at 5.

I call at 4, and was told they were waiting on a part, and my service advisor was gone fro the day. No, they never intended on calling me to tell me the car wouldn't be done.

Next day, they tell me the car is done and to pick it up. I get a ride to the dealership, and, as I turn onto auto center drive, they call me back to tell me the software wouldn't upload onto the computer, and the car won't be ready until Thursday. Now I am pissed. They tell me the part will be in at 9, and they will have it done on a rush order. I ask for a rental car, and they tell me no (I'm used to Smythe Volvo in San Jose, who gives you loaner cars for ANY reason). So, at the very least, I ask for a ride to the dealership on Friday. They tell me no problem.

Friday rolls around, and at 11 am I call. He has to put me on hold, because no one has checked for the part, or given it to the service department. 4:30 rolls around, and the service guy asks if I am on my way to pick up the car. I inform him, that he told me that he had told me he would give me a ride to the dealership. He responds with "oh poop." The shuttle stops bringing people at 2:30. So, he gives the keys to the casher, so I can pick up the car after hours.

I get a ride to the dealership, 20 minutes after the service center closed. I get in my car to find grease on the floor mat, passenger seat, and center console. The plastic around the traction control is chewed up from being pried on, and there are scratches on the side of the center console.

To top it off, the carpet clip is back on... but instead of putting it on correctly, they GLUED it on, and there is glue dripped down the carpet!!

This is NOT acceptable work, by any means. I'm livid, and I don't want to take my car back to this shop to get fixed. Does anyone have any advice as what to do about this situation? I have talked to Volvo North America already about the lack of a loaner car, and will be calling them again on Monday about the damages.
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