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2000 S40 1.6 16V
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Hello I am writing to you because I am encountering a small (I hope) problem with my Volvo S40 from 2000
This is the 1.6 16V 109hp version, it makes noise
I thought it might be the VVT pulley, but I read that if the noise goes away when the solenoid and unplugged, it's not the VVT pulley...
When I unplug the solenoid, the noise continues, my gasoline car sounds like a diesel
The car does not take temperature, no leaks were encountered
She takes her turns well, no loss of power
The timing kit was changed recently I was wondering if it could not be because of a bad wedging...

I hope that a passionate will help me ... I specify that it has only 133100kms on the clock

Do not hesitate to send me a message so that we can send each other attachments
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