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Prancing Moose decals

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Does anyone know where to get the prancing moose Ferrrari style shield decals besides the $7 ones on eBay? I thought ipd had them a while back but maybe that was a limited run...

Any info will help - thanks!
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Re: Prancing Moose decals (kalamaV70)

While I'm here, does anyone know where to find the front splitters like these: http://www.deepnetconsulting.c...e.jpg ? Or are they actually part of the bumper cover.

Thanks once more
Re: Prancing Moose decals (kalamaV70)

You might have better luck posting in the wanted section...Welcome to the forums!
Re: Prancing Moose decals (kalamaV70)

just find bob kennedy on this forum he will get you some, we have a large supply at University Volvo
Re: Prancing Moose decals (miamiquikkid11)


have at it haus
Re: Prancing Moose decals (KurT5)

Thanks for all the imput guys! Can't wait to spiff up my V70
Re: Prancing Moose decals (kalamaV70)

Just a note, I make them if anyone is interested...

[email protected]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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