Well, get ready for some sad news because Dave Barton, creator of the prancing moose stickers, has been asked to stop selling anything with Volvo on it.

Barton came to prominence thanks to his stickers that feature a rampant moose on a crest. The sticker is deliberately designed to evoke the prancing horse logo from Ferrari. A particular favorite among the Volvo community, the stickers have long graced the bumpers and bodies of enthusiasts' Volvos.

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Since then, he has moved on to offer more products, like discontinued body and engine labels for classic cars that can be crucial to restorers.

Barton reports that he got a cease and desist letter from Volvo Trademark Holdings over the Easter weekend after years of "silent indifference." According to him, the letter requests that he stop using any Volvo trademarks.

Perhaps what's most galling to Barton, who has been making items for Volvos since 2005, is the suddenness of the request.

"Other than Volvo dealers using my products, Volvo Cars has never attempted to contact me with any objections or concerns," Barton writes on his website. "I would certainly have welcomed such a discussion had they done so."

And it's not like Volvo can claim ignorance since the stickers are popular at Volvo shows and on social media. Worse yet for Barton, his products were a way for fans to celebrate their love of the brand.

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"Since the stickers I made fostered positive relations between Volvo and Volvo car owners, there was never a hint of an objection," he wrote on his website.

For now, Barton is complying with the cease and desist order removing any Volvo labels from his site, though you can still buy a prancing moose sticker, it just doesn't have the word Volvo on it.

"This is just a hobby with me; it's not something I make very much money on," Barton told Hemmings . "But my loyalty to Volvo has thinned right out."

Barton says he'd like to obtain a license from Volvo and to someday offer his products again. Until then, there's at least one petition (above) to let Barton use the logos again.

[source: Hemmings ]