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Powerslots and Zimmerman rotors

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With the help of the guys up in Oregon, everything went well. I just need to know the torque specs on the calipers.
Oh, saving sooo much money never felt better.
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Re: Powerslots and Zimmerman rotors (robdlt)

The guys with IPD assisted me with the parts, 7mmhex tool and information.
So anyone know the torque specs for the calipers?

Modified by robdlt at 9:56 PM 3-21-2009
VADIS Has listed:
Brake Caliper in Front Spindle- 100Nm (73.75 Lbf-ft), Brake Caliper in Rear in Wheel Bearing Housing- 60 Nm (44.25 Lbf-ft) and Sliding Pins in Brake Caliper at 30Nm (22 Lbf-ft)
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