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Hello, all.
I've got 2006 V70 station-wagon,
I'm getting warning lights, on dash. Red triangle and Battery icons come on at the same time. with service message POWER SYSTEM SERVICE URGENT.
The lights go on and off, while driving.
Car has 112k miles. Bought it used, recently.
Engine ref B5254T2, and chasis 589090
Anyone help describe what service or DIY repair to follow up ?

By the way, 2 months ago, installed a new car-battery as battery light came on.
I'm in process of DIY replacing the PCV Breather kit system ( Had a massive oil leak) Timing Belt Kit ( just due to the mileage) O2 sensor, Crankshaft sensor and serpentine drive belt. Right now, there is a P0036 and P0017 obd codes, Check engine light is on.
Just did an oil ( full synthetic) change.
I'm also using video on internet to help carry out repairs.
Also, tried to replace spark plugs but the Coil separated in middle while pulling out. So quickly attached it back on the spark plug and hope to read up/video, on how to fix that prob.
Like the car but not happy with all the sudden, costly, repairs after just buying the car.
Thx :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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