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Hey guys, trust everyone are good.

Bought a nice Barends Blue Volvo S40 T5 with 18inch Medusa rims a few month ago, guess it's a Special edition as it has a big spoiler, side skirts and a front end lip that matches the skirts all color coded... that's what made me buy it cause it really stood out between the normal T5's..

Took it for roadworthy and on my way home the clutch pedal fell to the floor... yup, new OEM clutch master cylinder (with ABS plug) fixed her up...
Got home and heard a insanely high pitched whistle/whine sound comming from what seemed to be the PS pump as it did not dissapear when dipstick was pulled. The whine went totally gone when only touching/turning the steering wheel a hair's width or while turning in any direction till until you let it go then the whine came back, so didn't think much of it...

Fitted new 652c Battery as the previous one was an half inch too high not allowing the battery cover to fit and basically touching the strut brace as well... right after the new battery i got a charging system error on dash and i could hear a type off howling sound at alternator side, alternator became so hot that one couldn't even touch it when car only idled for roughly a minute, never seen so many warning messages on one car pop up randomly... so HAD to get a new 150A Denso and after a full day's cursing i managed to swap it out, good as new, took it for a drive to relearn fuel trims etc etc. monitoring via Torque app.

Right after everything looked perfect i switched car off and about 45mins later on start up i got the "Power steering service requiered" message..
NO power steering at all out of no where, turned of and on again and it was fine without any change in sound, drove 20 miles and car stood till next day, on start up same thing and it stayed dead... but heard a howling sound, GREAT stuff, torn PCV diaphragm... fitted new PCV / oil filter housing and away was the howl.

Tested the ps pump (12v on main plug and 12v + on the BUS nr1 pin) and got no spin up at all, pump is history, got a fairly low milage pump out of a wrecker and pitted today and it's better than when i got it even though i thought it was super smooth back then, but now it is like 20% lighter to turn..
Old fluid was clean green without a smell but allso blead new fluid through the system to be 100% sure..

Long story short, when these pumps starts to have a high pitch to them they are on their way out sooner or later without ANY noise or warning at all, they just stop like you have pulled a plug..

Hopefully someone might find this essay helpfull and run to collect a spare pump from a wrecker before someone else does... the stealers quoted me R8500 ($571 + software update of R900 / $61) for a new unit but luckily i got this at less 60% from a yard.

Next up, tracing down an "Anti Skid service requiered" message... bad batteries and alternators kills these cars very quick :-(

Have to say the car was miticulously maintained as it was only serviced at Volvo dealer since 2006 till now that i got it lol...she's sitting on 220k miles / 354k kms and still goes like a train (without the smoke) , this stats might be an example of how long these cars and their7 OEM parts can last.

Peace :cool:
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