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Re: (rogersampson)

If you R is still under warrany, this is probably a really
good question for your dealer...
There are several practical solutions to your problem,
but you might run into warrany issues...Not Sure...
If THEY do it, you've got documentation.
Uranus Protectus...
You'd think that they would have a solution for this.
I'm pretty sure that Swedes use cellphones.
They aren't that far from Fin-NOKIA-land.

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Re: (TimBradley)

Quote, originally posted by TimBradley »
Ha. Just like the time of the original post - everyone has something to say about it, but no answer to the question at hand. Thanks anyway.

Here's the deal- Get a fuse holder, a couple of the appropriate connectors,
and some wire. Run a lead from the battery to cigarette lighter and, Voila!

That's the guerilla version. There is also an "Accessory" connector swinging
around under the dash that provides up to 20amps on the 98's.
I don't know if the tradion was continued in later years, but we older
R owners have the following:

Pin outs:

Connector (for accessories)

Position Connection Max. load
1 Battery + (30) 20 A
2 X Supply 0,5 A
3 High beam 1 A
4 1 A
5 1 A
6 Rheostat 0,5 A
7 2 A
8 Earth (31) -

From Page 105 of the 98 70 series owners manual.

You can find a constant 12 volt source in plenty of places,
just try to keep it safe, clean and fused at the source.

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