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Re: Power outlet.. (LTA)

Quote, originally posted by LTA »
When it's 45C below (or -70 factoring in windchill) it IS a rational fear.

I guess if your battery is dead due to charging your phone at least your phone will be alive so you can call for help


Well LTA just gotta do what my brother-in-law did when he was living in yellowknife, wire a battery tender up to your block heater http://********************/smile/emthup.gif that way you should always be good to go.

As for the constant power argument, my VW has a power button on the stereo to run it without a key in the ignition, can't remember about my MB but I think it's the same story. However, what Jim Lill mean't was that back in 2003 these issues were covered on the forum, and may infact be in the FAQ, search, and make sure to select archived content. (sorry to be one of those gus, but hey, it works)
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