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Ok guys here it is:

I have a 99 S70 that I have posted about here before. It has 156K miles on it and in the past three months I have spent $1000!

I recently went on a 200 or so mile trip and got about 25mpg going between 80-90 the whole way. I do like the way the car drives and handles.

Here is the rub. I am thinking of trading it on a Jetta diesel lease. I am very afraid that it will continue to cost me money. I would rather lease another volvo, but there is nothing out there I can get into for the price of the Jetta leases. I know alot of you are going to say I am taking a step backwards, but I have always been fond of the Jetta and having a 2 year lease I am not going to have to worry about the headache of costly repairs.

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