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So I have a 2003 volvo s80 2.9 with the 4 speed 4t65e transmission. The old fluid was very burnt so I have done one drain and fill with light driving and then another few drain and fills. In the mean time I am able to drive the car in reverse but not D or 3. If i use 1 or 2 it slips but will move. What's interesting is that if I place it in 2 and I drive it up to speed I can feel it fully engage the drive belt, and I can then move the gear selector to D and I can drive it like normal, until I turn the car off. I can go into reverse, back to D and It will work fine. A lot of slipping from a dead stop but it catches up pretty quick and I can feel it eventually shift into 3rd and 4th. Not sure if there is a 1 2 shift or not. It does seem to be linked with hydraulic pressure which makes me think that maybe the 1 2 accumulator is stuck or leaking, then engages and gets stuck in 2? Thats why it slips so much from a dead stop? Anyone experience this before? Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm sure I am due for a rebuild I would like to try the cheaper options first, and if a shift kit could help why not, right?

Here are the codes:
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