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Anyway, back from the death...its Halloween after all

So I looked at a pic today and something caught my eye all of a sudden while looking at this fancy good ol'-boy pre-facelifted XC70 (pic-4).
While ago when I had still some money left (before the VOLVO-virus kicked in) I changed the rear "square" reflector to the eyebrow 2014+ model, like the rest of the car as some of you may remember.
Anyway, recently I dipped the entire reflector (and much more stuff) black including the chrome (pic-1, black/black) Didnt like it...bit too much V70-ish as far as the bumper goes looking at it from a distance, also nice ofcourse but hey, ...I bought a XC70 right?)


Took away the black dip on the reflector and left the frame black (pic-2, black/red) Didnt like it...missed my chrome somehow. Fake chrome I know, but who cares.


Brought the entire reflector back to OEM and lived happily ever after...(pic-3, chrome/red) All that work and great dip-advises by T5Tony for nothing... Time I could have spend with my wife doing "90 miles an/hour down on lovers' lane _on a tank of dreams "


It wasnt untill today when I realised I had missed a "combination": the outside chrome and the inside black How could I have not tried that when dipping them!!!??? Cant remember ever seeing that combination . Somehow I like that look alot on pic-4 but have to wait for a real life check as always. They look like two jet exhausts in a way, the way it was designed in the first place as you all still know I am sure. Jet intakes around the fogs and exhausts around the rear reflectors...(can you send you the link where VOLVO states that, if you realy want, I didnt make it up)
Even more so with the "inside" being black and a chrome frame it gives the tail a nice tough look with two mysterious black-holes : (I hope)


Now I will have to put my "old" square reflector back on one side and dip its reflector while dipping the eyebrow reflector (or black tape) on the other side and make a decision between the two. Knowing me I will most likely return to OEM, or will I? It does look nice imho. Soon pics with dip (or black masking tape) and you guys go ahead and vote...⚔

P.s. @WrappedCow; if you are watching this; it could look awesome on your blue beast bringing back just the chrome "intake" and the chrome "exhaust"? Would give it a nice distinctive front and end? Again, all personal opinions here.

Happy Halloween.

XC70 D5 2011 Polestar AWD/IPD
181 - 181 of 181 Posts
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