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I cross-posted this in the P2 forum as well, just trying to spread the word, I need some help!

Alright, so now I'm in a bit of a jam, here. I got the transmission for my '01 V70 T5, now... I just need a place to do the swap and a few people to help. I unfortunately live at a place right now with no garage, and ALL of my tools are in storage. If anyone would be willing to offer driveway/garage space and use of their tools, I would gladly pay for your time in food and beer for those involved.

It's pulling the old auto trans out, and replacing it with the new rebuilt unit that I picked up, including the ECM. I'm told that with a few people who have done the work before, we should knock it out in a day. I'll buy beer, I don't smell weird, and I can definitely turn wrenches, I've done tons of work like this before on BMWs, just never a Volvo, and I don't have any of the tools or space.

I'm off work on Sunday/Mondays, but I might be able to manage a Saturday off. I'm in North Portland near PIR, but I should be able to get the car to someplace within reasonable driving distance. It drives alright now, but I'm worried about it dropping back into limp-mode, in which case, it's very hard to get it moving again.

Let me know if you are able to help!
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