We wish times were better, but it's a happy birthday to Polestar's UK Research and Development team. What started as just 56 team members has more than doubled in the first year of operations for the group, working on Polestar's vehicles beyond the 3.

Polestar Automotive UK was forme last May, and during that year has grown to more than 125 staff, based in Coventry, England. That area is a hotbed of automotive knowledge, and many Formula 1 and other racing series teams are based in the area. Polestar says that its employees include backgrounds in high-volume passenger cars as well as specialty motorsports applications.

The UK team's focus is on body and trim, chassis, electrical integration, and the broadly-named "vehicle attributes." There are also some manufacturing and purchasing staff on-site. They work with the home-office R&D team in Sweden to develop the company's future models. The ones we haven't even seen yet. They use virtual reality systems that let them better communicate with engineers in Sweden, Polestar says, to speed up development.

"I’m immensely proud of what the UK team has achieved over the last 12 months. Being part of a fast-moving organisation like Polestar brings many challenges, but helping to develop its future range is a dream come true. While our one year anniversary is important, and worth celebrating, it’s the future of this Swedish performance electric brand that is the most exciting," said Polestar UK R&D boss Ian Collins.