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Yes, it becomes automatic just like having to double click the shifter. Nobody has found a way around it.
RIght I get it; I apologize for my outbursts.

Regarding Polestar for XC40, Polestar & Volvo say:

"The best way to understand the benefits and how they change the car is a test drive. Please contact your dealer to arrange this. However, to summarise, here is what a Polestar Optimisation delivers:
  1. A more powerful and agile car
  2. A dynamic and emotionally satisfying driving experience
  3. Faster engine response and quicker acceleration
  4. Sportier gear shifts
  5. Better control during cornering due to the intelligent shift schedule
  6. Better balance in corners and traction at take-off (AWD)"
I am having trouble coming to acceptance with the fact that I must forever manually engage this awesome but super pricey ($1,300??) option. If it's that special (& pricey), it rates a default status, IMO.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts