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I have a MY2012 XC70 T6 which had the Polestar added at the Port of entry in the port's Volvo facility.

Today I received the Polestar Performance Power Optimisation Certificate. The certificate states

Car Model: XC70
Year: 2012
VIN: YV.... (etc)
Polestar: 1293

Power (hp): Original 301, Optimised 326
Power (kW): Original 224, Optimised 242
Torque (Nm): Original 326, Optimised 356

The above states a 25 (hp) increase for Polestar with a top end for the car being 326 (hp). This is more than the advertised 325 (hp) in much of the Volvo literature and in this forum! To be clear, I'm not complaining in any way about this.... :D

I also wonder if the "Polestar: 1293" indicates my car had the 1,293rd Polestar feature and that 1293 Polestars have been applied to Volvos so far ?
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