Inspired by the creative posts shared to its Instgram page, Polestar is launching a formal design challenge for students and professionals.

The brief for the contest is to design something “that stretches the boundaries of imagination, looks ahead 20 years without stretching into the realm of fantasy.” Notable absent from that brief is the word vehicle, because “the designers behind the contest are keen not to limit future directions for Polestar.”

Students and professionals will each have their own category. To enter the competition, they simply have to submit a design sketch. From there, a shortlist will be created and designers on it will develop their designs as digital models with the help of Polestar’s designers and Maximilian Missoni, the brand’s head of design.

The winning entries in the student and professional categories will then have their designs brought to life as physical models that will be shown off at Polestar’s Gothenburg design center.

The brief for the challenge will change from year to year and Polestar intends to eventually create a moving exhibit out of the designs that it will show off around the world.

This year’s design theme is “Pure” and the competition runs from June 23 to October 26, so get your creative juices flowing.