Two simultaneous recalls are impacting every Polestar 2 currently on the road. Albeit that amounts to just less than 2,200 cars.

The first involves a software issue that can lead the car to brick while the second involves a faulty inverter. 

"We issued a voluntary safety recall for Polestar 2 after we investigated, verified, and developed a solution for an issue reported by a small number of customers,” Polestar told Car and Driver . “A fault in the logic of the Battery Energy Control Module requires a manual software update to be rectified. A total of 2189 potentially affected registered customer vehicles in Europe and China are being recalled.”

Both problems can be solved with just one visit to the dealership. The issue will have been fixed by the time the Polestar 2 hit US streets. 

Software problems leading EVs to brick are not uncommon. Both Fiat and Volkswagen have experienced similar problems with the 500e and the e-Golf. Still, teething problems are anything but good for a car whose reviews have been tepid, at best.