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Whenever I aggressively power up my 2016 station wagon Polestar to around 90mph and above,I get fumes in the cabin while the Recir is on. Volvo told me that I will have to turn off the Recir to eliminate the fumes. They also told me there are no leaks. When the Recir if off the fumes go away. I have other sports cars and none of them work like this-meaning that I dont get fumes when Recir is on whether powered up or not. I have also consulted other car owners and none of them know of a Recir system that pull in fumes when the Recir is in the on position. This issue doesn't exist when I am driving below 85Mph.Does anyone have this experience and would it be normal for a Recir system to work this way ?
Any suggestions/feedback will be highly appreciated.
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