Volvo race team turned factory tuner turned stand-alone performance brand Polestar is still tuning Volvos. The latest looks to be a bit of a drift mode. Or is that driftläge?

There's a new Polestar-developed software package for pretty much all of the automaker's 2019 models that revamps the all-wheel-drive system. It sends more power to the rear wheels, more of the time.

Volvo R&D boss Henrik Green says that "We are always fine-tuning the driving experience of Volvo cars and this upgrade makes the all-wheel-drive both smoother and more dynamic." The company says that sending torque to the rear improves turn-in, provides better control, and improves traction. Oh yeah, and it provides better engagement.

That's what we're talking about. More power to the rear wheels means easier tail-out action on a closed course, professional drivers only, of course.

The upgrades will be available on all 2019 90 series, 60 series, and the XC40. That means you can even get sideways in your XC90. As long as you're not driving a plug-in hybrid. Those ones have electric-only drive to the rear axle, and Volvo says that system is rear-biased enough as-is.