Uniqueness may not be a feature of your Polestar 1 as the now available configurator shows that your choice options will be limited.

The handsome coupe will come with a selection of 5 and a half exterior colors (black, white, grey, matte grey, greyish blue, and silver), while interior colors will be kept to black or white.

Three choices of rim and black or chrome trim will be the other choices you can make.

The disadvantage of all this is that you may lose you Polestar 1 at the Polestar 1 owners club meetings. On the other hand, though, it's impossible to make an ugly Polestar 1 with these options--we tried.

With such good design, though, and a 600 hp, 1000 Nm drivetrain that makes the future look boring by comparison, it would be fun to see some more exuberant colors. Even Polestar blue would be welcome.

Fortunately, we can all rest assured that the YouTube set will take at least one of these straight to the wrap shop to have it covered in highlighter yellow.

Order books are open for the Polestar 1, so you can buy the car you design if you're so inclined.