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Maybe someone had same fault codes and could help me get to the source of the problem. I've already resoldered and cleaned Brake Pedal Position Sensor and all ABS sensors, checked BCM connector (not opened for soldering, model 8671224), read a lot articles here. Please check attached picture. Thanx in advance.

P.S. Volvo V70 2002 2.4T Please let it be not BCM replacement :facepalm:

Control Module - Diagnostic Trouble Code Status
AUM No fault found
CCM No fault found
CEM-1A5F Communication with BCM control module Signal missing
DTC is found active.
DDM No fault found
DIM No fault found
ECM-510F Vehicle speed signal (VSS) - Signal missing DTC is found active.
ECM-9400 Brake pedal sensor - Signal missing DTC is found active.
PDM No fault found
PSM No fault found
REM No fault found
SRS No fault found
SWM No fault found
TCM No fault found
UEM No fault found

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The comm code in conjunction with the speed sensor code can point to the abs/ebcm module. "Can" being the word. A lot of those 8671224's are starting to go out.
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