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I'm looking at two Volvo C30 T5s.

2011 Volvo C30 T5
125,600 miles

Apparently no mechanical issues, but I did ask if the owner can tell me about the maintenance. I asked him exactly this, " Would you be able to tell me a little bit about the maintenance? Like was the engine overhauled at all? When were the timing belt replaced, spark plugs, driveshafts, and ATF replaced, if at all? And as well as the battery and tires?" And now waiting for his reply.

Looking at the pictures, it seems like the Volvo sign in the front came off. Don't really care about the sign, but was wondering if this may signify that this vehicle may have gotten into an accident recently.

2008 Volvo C30 T5
218,681 miles
The owner said, "Mechanic made a mistake and the timing belt broke. The shop replaced the cylinder heads, timing belt and a lot of other things in October 2015. The engine is still strong 50,000 miles later"

"My new mechanic told me Engine Mounts need work. No noises or other direct evidence. I've been driving it for about 1 Year this way. But if I were going to keep it I would do the maintenance."

About $1600 for Engine Mounts repair

Battery replaced in June 2018

Timing belt replaced in October 2015

Now my questions are...

Do Engine Mounts repairs cost that much? Would it be possible for me to replace them on my own?

When checking out used Volvos or used cars in general, what are some key questions I should ask and signs to look for in a car?

I was thinking of getting OB2 Code Reader and do whatever I can to check the cars out with maintenance records as well. And just have a Volvo mechanic check it out before I purchase one.

Do you think buying the 2008 one is too risky?

Any recommendations or advice will really be appreciated.

Thank you so much guys in advance :)

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well, when you pay 700$ for a car, you dont really have a right to complain about the condition
replacing the engine mounts is super easy, you can do it at home if you have multiple jacks or just pay a shop probably 200$ labor to do it for you
all volvo signs seem to come off on the front grill, seems normal

I personally prefer the look of the 2008 headlights over the newer ones and I always buy a manual
but I think the other car will be more reliable if you plan to drive it to work and dont care if its automatic
timing belt is very important so if it was not done on the 2011 you need to do it soon and thats another 700$
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