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I removed the center console(including radio, seat heater switches, A/C and stuff...) of my car to restore the wooden cover. While the console parts were in restoration I drove the car for 2 days with no center console, and then one morning it suddenly didn t start. Weird thing is, that when I turn ignition on the lights on the dash come on but not the glow plug light, wich should come on, since its a cold and snowy winter in my country right now. When I try to start the engine it simply cranks without giving even slightest hope for starting like if the fuel was also completely cut off. Also tried using some car starting spray, wich did even rev the car to like 1500rpm, but it was running purely on the spray, and when the spray stopped then so did the car. I also tested the glow plug relay with multimeter, and it shows some weird 5.something voltage when I turn the ignition on, wich is also weird. The glow plug fuse was OK aswell. also tried connecting back all the wire connectors, that I removed to get the concole out.

I am just COMPLETELY out of ideas by now what to try next, so if anybody has ANY ideas what could be causing this then I would be really happy to listen. I have also considered a chance, that maybe some open connectors touched ground, while the car was at parking lot, and cooked the ecu, or I might have broken some sort of immobilizer wire somewhere or smth(although I did drive it for 2 days after removing the console and stuff). My radio has some anti theft thing aswell. Could it be the radio causing this or....?


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