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Pirelli P7 Tyre Life

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I have Pirelli P7's fitted to my V50 as Stock

205.50R17 93W

Currently got 22,000 miles out of them - rotated the tures at 12,000 miles

How many miles have people got from theirs?

Also should I replace with P7's again?
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Re: Pirelli P7 Tyre Life (denzo)

I got the same tyres are they any good
I got about 5000 miles on them
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13,000 motorway driving... plenty of tread left
the 1.8 s40 had 14000 on the same tyres again plenty left
Re: (Akash)

My last S40 (2.0d) had about 3mm tread left on frony at around 23k miles when i traded it in - tyres never rotated
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Got about 15k out of my fronts, and 32k from the rears, not rotating them

BTW thats 16inch rims though

Had Continentals on the front since and now on Dunlop Sp sport or something all round, imho the dunlops seem better to me than either pirelli or contis. (I have no choice as its a fleet car..)

Must admit I like Michys though
Re: Pirelli P7 Tyre Life (denzo)

I also have them. Just switched from winter Michelins's So far I did about 100miles on them
but later this month will do about 3500miles on them on Motorway's... Will see how they are doing
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