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Pilot Sports for a V70R: "summer tire" vs. A/S?

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It's time to be thinking about removal of snow tires on my V70R (17" wheels) and I'm thinking about Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus instead of "summer" performance tires I've run in the past. I was not wild about the stock Pirellis that came on the car. I've now pretty near run through the Toyo Proxes T1-R's that replaced them. I was reasonably happy with them handling wise, but they're noisy.

The reason to consider all-season is that my '05 V70R is not a snow day daily driver. She doesn't have to go out if conditions are bad, she just needs enough snow handling ability to be able to "run for it" when the unexpected, very slippery wet snow falls in the Pacific NW (which it has a LOT this year!).

So I'm thinking about PS A/S as a year-round tire, but wondering if that's appropriate for the occasional track day I might do in the R. I never drive over 8/10's on public roads, but when conditions are safe, I do also press the limits of adhesions in the twisty stuff, especially in the rain. I will never compete, either on the track in auto-x in this car, but would like to be able to do fast lapping @ PIR or other NW tracks (wet and dry) and I'm just not sure if the PS A/S+, or any all season tire, is cut out to be out there lapping. Are they up to it?

There are many good tire comparison tests, but what I'd like to see, and never have found, is a comparison between "summer" and "all-season".
How would the Pilot Sports PS2 stack up against the Pilot Sport A/S+ ?

So that's my main either/or choice, but if there's another tire altogether that I ought to consider, given my usage profile, I'm open to suggestions.
I am aware that the Pilot Sport 235/45 17 has a load rating issue with the V70R, though carrying a full load at high speed for a prolonged time is not a mission profile I'd be likely to fly! Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Pilot Sports for a V70R: "summer tire" vs. A/S? (willyjp)

I would do just as you have determined. I agree with you on all of the
points. As long as you do not carry a full cargo load the load rating is fine.
Nice tire choice http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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So how, in your opinion Helmut, or anyone's, would the Pilot Sport PS2 compare with the Pilot Sport A/S Plus (the new all season PS).
Leaving aside the obvious temperature operating range difference, how do you think they would compare: handling, grip, etc.. I can't find that anyone has ever published such a comparison. I'm sure you could safely say "you give up a little bit," with the all-season, but does anyone have an opinion based on any experience or testing?
Re: (willyjp)

Yes I have tested both on the S60R. The only difference is the feedback
at the limits of adhesion.

The best way to say it is I could be blindfolded put in the car and drive
at high speed through a slalom course and also throw the car in to a 360
and I could probably only tell that the PS2 was on the car at the moment
that the car caught out of the 360 skid manuever.

In cornering the difference is very slight. In the rain the PS2 was more
planted and I could probably tell that it was the summer their too if I threw
the car side to side in a wet slalom

I would go with the A/S especially the new "Plus" version which has even
more wear.
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