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Originally posted by FlntRoc:
Check out Http://www.streetsourcemag.com/Profile.asp?profileid=2825 for a couple new pics of my window tint.
That is one heck of wagon...the wheels are too wild for my taste but I understand! I also got a kick out from some of the responses you got such as:

"your car is the **** , my mom has the same one, i always loved those *******, i was out the other night in drivin her car woopin on ******* that thought they were fast, people dont know that they arent ****in around when they make volvo's"
I did not know our cars were...*******! Mine certainly isn't!!!


"YOUR RIDE IS AS SWEET AS A SHAVED PAM ANDERSON!!!!"...I guess that is a good thing!


"i was thinkin about gettin an air intake and exhaust for my moms car, do you know if they make that **** for volvo's, or am i gonna have to make some **** work?"...Yeah, right...your mom will let you do all that to her car...I would like to see that picture!

Hey now!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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