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Pics of my new S40

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Hi all! I'm new here and I thought I'd share some pics of my new car.....being towed away to get fixed before I was even able to drive it.

I went to pick it up yesterday. When I got there I looked it over inch-by-inch and it was absolutely perfect. Not even one tiny nick in the paint. We tried to open the trunk (we had it open 5 minutes earlier) and it wouldn't work. We thought that the remote on the key was bad so we grabbed the other key and that didn't work either. Then we stuck the key in the ignition, turned it and nothing. It was also difficult to get the key out of the ignition. We thought that it just probably needed a jump so we tried to jump it. All that did was made the head lights and dash board lights come on (they wouldn't before we jumped it). It also unlocked the steering wheel but not the transmission and the display said "Immobilizer See Manual." Since I bought it through the military sales program they don't have a service department at the dealership so we had to call a tow truck and have it towed to the Italian Volvo dealer so they could take a look at it. They started working on it as soon as we got there and initially they thought that the computer was bad and that it wasn't recognizing the transmission. They trouble shot it for about 2 hours and determined that the computer was fine but there was a cable disconnected somewhere. They said that they were going to have to trace each individual wire in the car to figure out where it was but by now it was 6:30 so they stopped working and closed. I can't complain too much though because they were supposed to close the garage at 4:00 and working late is just something that isn't usually done in Italy. The dealer talked to the mechanics for a little while after they stopped and they now think that it might be either a loose/disconnected wire on the ignition switch or a bad ignition switch all together. On Monday the dealer is going to take one of the American spec test cars over to swap out ignitions switches and see it they can get it to work. If that is the problem they are going to order a new one and I should have the car by next Friday. If it's not the problem, well who knows when I'll get it.

Though I am a little PO'd, I still can't help but find the humor in all of this. I ordered the car back in February and since then I have been thinking about/researching different mods but now I just want it to be faster than it is now. Now it will go from zero-to-zero in nothing flat!

I suppose it's better that this happened at the dealer rather than when I stopped for gas on the freeway while I was driving home. Hopefully I won't see my car on the back of a tow truck again for many, many years!

BTW, Sorry about the crappy cell phone camera quality.

EDIT: I tried to put the pics in the post but now I'm not seeing them. Here is a link: http://community.webshots.com/...RHHaF

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Wow that's not very reassuring is it. Isn't the dealer supposed to do an inspection before delivery? Hope you get a working NEW S40 soon.
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