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Picked up a used '06 - A few questions

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Hi everyone,

It's interesting how things work out some times, after missing out on purchasing a used Nissan Murano, the planets aligned just right and we found an 06 XC90 2.5T AWD for not much more. After two test drives, and a visit to the bank, she was ours last Friday. I read up on SS on what to look for and what to avoid before signing on the dotted line, so my wife and I knew what we are in for.

After becoming good friends with the search function, I do still have a few questions however. This is a Canadian model, so packages might have been configured differently and we know it was a company car lease before we took possession.

1- In terms of features, we have xenons, Premium audio, 7 seats, 18" wheels/tires, wood steering wheel, cargo cover and tow hitch. So it seems like we have the premium pack, convenience pack and the tow pack; BUT the convenience pack includes laminated glass, which according to the user manual - I read from to back
- has the rain beating coating and symbol. My rear view mirrors do have that symbol, but my side glass do not. So do we have the convenience pack or not? While I'm at it, what else do I have or am missing?

2- We park underground, and every morning when we start her up, the xenons turn on, but turn off soon after we leave the garage. Is there a way to prevent the xenons from turning on while underground?

3- On a related note, light switch position 2 and 3 (1 being the auto setting) seem to do the same thing, except on 3 you can activate the high beams. Where is the setting to just turn on the 'yellow' front lights without activating the xenons? IE: drl's and side markers. Oh, does the little light next to position 2 ever turn on?

4- I activated the PLII on the audio system. Every now and then, the audio volume jumps on its own. Since the car does not have vehicle speed sensitive volume setting, and since this happens whether we are traveling at speed or stuck in traffic, can this be caused by the PLII setting?

5- Driver's seat rocks during cornering, and at times, the seat back itself moves during hard acceleration. Dealer tightened the bolts, but no change. I'm guessing this is not normal?

6- My garage door opener remote only transmits for 2 seconds before turning off, and the user manual has a provision to Canadian owners to repeatedly press the transmitter button until the Homelink system recognizes the code. I have tried twice, for 20-30 seconds each time with no success. Any advice on to program the Homelink?

7- Basic warranty question: Rust protection, how long is it? Also, does it cover rust spots on the hood caused by road debris (flying rocks/salt/etc). I'm guessing no.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as we have just over 1000km left on the warranty and have an appointment with the dealer on tuesday!!

Cheers. http://********************/smile/emcocktl.gif
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A quick few things. You can have your headlights reprogrammed to work the way you wish at your dealer. Homelink is a total bitch to program, keep at it. Rust warranty is only for perforation. As in a rust hole in your fender.

Seat doesn't sound normal, tell your dealer to fix it.
Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (Pinstripe)

1- The coating works on shower doors but as far as I can tell it's useless on cars.
2- If the car thinks you need headlights, then you probably do.
3- Leave it on 1. You'll never miss the high beams unless you're out in the country.
4- PLII sucks ass. 3 speaker works great for talk radio. For best sound use stereo for CD's.
5- Not normal, raise hell!!!
6- No clue, mine worked great right out of the box.
7- You didn't get a CPO warranty??? This car will hurt you if and when it goes wrong.
Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (Pinstripe)

#6. does your garage door opener have the changing codes? A lot of them do now to prevent others from opening it. If so you have to push the 'training' button on the opener itself, then program the homelink button while the opener is in training mode. And if that is the case and you have already tried to program it, you might have to go through the step to clear the home link before trying again. That's all I have, so if you tried that and no luck, don't know. But let us know what you discover.
Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (robtr8)

199_V70, I'll ask the dealer tomorrow and keep trying the Homelink. Thanks!

aintsheswede, nothing that advanced.

1- I do like how rain-x works, so if this is as effective, I'd be quite happy.
2- I am going to respectfully disagree!
5- Hell will be a few feet closer by 8 am tomorrow.

7- The deal we got on this vehicle was too good to pass up. We paid wholesale pricing, well under market value as I know the owner of the used car dealership. Similar models were selling at private/other dealers for 25k+ CDN with less equipement. Dealers wanted 29k+. So even if we have an expensive repair, we will always be ahead of the financial curve. The car was purchased and fully maintained at the same dealer I will be using.
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Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (Pinstripe)

1- Nope, no Rain-X effect. The auto-wipers work fairly well though.
2- No worries. Remember it's also about being seen by the other drivers.
5- Curious if the seat structure is broken. Big guy PO?
7- I got a great deal on a '00 A6 2.7T. Massively expensive to keep on the road. I won't be owning anything produced after '95 without a warranty.
Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (Pinstripe)

Quote, originally posted by Pinstripe »
I'll ask the dealer tomorrow and keep trying the Homelink. Thanks!
Homelink easy way:


If it was programmed by the previous owner, the "reset" step is undoubtedly important.

Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (robtr8)

in pre 2006 there was a bulletin for the slight rocking of the drivers seat. Maybe someone remembers or can look it up.
I cannot remember the exact fix but on hard acceleration, the seat sort of "gave way"
Re: Picked up a used '06 - A few questions (Pinstripe)

#7 Curious that if it was originally sold and exclusively maintained at the one dealer why they didn't pick it up off auction and CPO it. Does it have rather high miles for the MY?

Just asking as the local Portland dealer here usually picks his that way. But I suppose there are a lot of factors as to whether or not they would do that. Including what colors are selling now.
obiwan, the in service date of our MY06 is Nov 05, and upon picking up the vehicle yesterday, the service sheet indicated that a TSB of sorts (there was a reference number) was performed. I was told felt pads were added to the seat back brakets. My chair no longer rocks, so I am happy.

aintsheswede, no idea. She had 78,000 km on her when we got her (80k is the Canadian warranty).

Quote, originally posted by tmtalpey »

Homelink easy way:


If it was programmed by the previous owner, the "reset" step is undoubtedly important.


That seems to be for variable code systems, my condo uses a simple single code.
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Re: (Pinstripe)

Sorry cannot look them up but here is the summary

TNN 85-25-2004-12-07 Title: Interior - Front Seat Slide Rail Adjustment This TNN describes the method for proper front seat slide rail adjustment after replacing or removing a seat from the vehicle. If this is not properly done, front seat movement under acceleration or deceleration might be experienced.

TNN85-26-2005-07-15 Title: Interior - Power Seat Rocks Fore and or Aft on Accel and or Decel
On cars equipped with power seats, a small fore and aft or rocking movement of the seat during acceleration and deceleration might be experienced in certain cases. This Tech Net Note describes how to reduce this movement in case of a customer complaint.

TNN85-28-2007-06-18 Title: Front Seats, Play in Lower Part of Backrest/Adjust (2005- )
Some customers may complain about play in the lower part of the front seat backrest. The concern occurs mainly during stop and go driving. Sometimes the play is combined with a knocking noise that can be heard from the recliner area.
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85-28 is the note on the sheet, looks like you were spot on.

Where did you find those anyways? Is there a page that lists tech notes for our suv's?

New problem I just discovered this AM, gas door won't stay closed. Also intermittent odd noise from steering at low speed tight maneuvers (3-point turn parking stuff). Sigh.

While I'm at it, a quick question about the IAQS system; does it only work when the vent system is in 'Auto'? Thanks!

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