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PIC URL:1997 850R wagon NEW OWNER!!!

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Well the trip to NC from CT was a royal PITA thanks to a couple Amtrack delays that put me arriving Monday at Noon instead of 4:35AM. Had to drive right home... 13 hours on the road after 20+ hours on a train.

Oh well the trip home was a nice intro to the car... which I was tipped off to by InDy back a month ago??? when I posted the help sway me to volvo post.

They had it at $20K OBO and I got it for $16K with 78K miles. Needs shocks and quieter tires!!!!

I already sent the ECU to IPD - only 2 days after getting car home

heres todays pics:

thanks to everyone for the input along the road!

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Woohoo, nice car! I had a feeling that 1997 white 850R wagon that was in Fort Bragg, North Carolina was a sweet car. When I posted it a while back, I remember it was listed for $20k, so it sounds like you got an excellent deal for $16k!

You already sent the ECU to IPD after only 2 days? WOW!
I bet that thing is going to turn into a real screamer! What kind of plans do you have for the "R"?

Thanks for the pics. Your garage and that SCCA GT-4 Rabbit looks really cool and fun!

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InDy~ as far as the plans for "wifey's R wagon"... (I call it that because I'm now going to be FT user of our Eurovan Westphalia Weekender - mostly b/c I work farther from home and I want to add miles SLOWLY on the R)

She puts only about 100 miles/week on her cars... add in a few more trips than the beater wagon it's replacing and I'm figuring a max of 10K a year. Starting with 78K is more than we hoped, but the car was super clean, owners were fanatics, color was right as was the price

Now you asked about my performance plans... heres the deal - car is going to get it all done NOW before we register it and we start driving it. We had a 91 VW GLI that wound up with every thing you could modify getting modified. She was never thrilled with the mods and having the car out of service while at SRS.

Heres what's ordered and getting installed by next week:

ECU upgrade
IPD sport exhaust
Front strut tower brace
IPD Boost gauge pod and undecided gauge
IPD Sport lowering springs
Bilstein struts/shocks
Factory rear wing
Motorsport logo emblem near 850

That's the fun stuff (anything else I should know about?)- it will also go in soon for 80K service and anything else it may need.

I picked up a 1997 850 lineup brochure on ebay this weekend!!!

Sorry for the lame pics in garage, I'll get it outside once ECU is back and it's washed/waxed.
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wow, IPD can modify your chip with out buying a new one... whats the performance gain on that? any way sweet car man, and yeah the yoko A520s are really really loud!! try the SUMHO tires, the supra 720's lots of grip very quiet for a 17 inch tire, and cost about a hundred bucks!
RazorR~ IPD takes a stock ECU and erases it then loads it with the TME Program.

I'm used to VW stuff where you simply pay $150-200 and swap in a chip yourself so you bet the cost on this made me cringe.

That's the fun stuff (anything else I should know about?)- it will also go in soon for 80K service and anything else it may need.
It sounds like are you plan on doing the entire IPD upgrade to your new "R".
The only other thing that I can think of, is doing a brake upgrade consisting of slotted/crossdrilled rotors, upgrading the calipers/pads, and stainless steel brake lines.

You might want to check out Terence Lui's website and ask him about his car. He has a sweet '95 850 Turbo with extensive upgrades!

Terence Lui's 95' 850 Turbo

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InDy~ thanks for the URL - I'll take a looksee this afternoon.

It does have really squeaky brakes. PO had ordered all rotors/pads from IPD not too long ago. A volvo driving pal said it's the norm - that the brakes squeeeeeeek.

(Off topic, but...) Nice job on your GT4 Rabbit. Reminds me so much of the DSP GTI I ran in SCCA before I had kids.

javadoc~ thanks man, that rabbit is like a third child to me. I bought it pretty much as you see it. This after wanting it for two years ever since I first saw the thing. I HAD NEVER sen a rabbit prepared to that level before and knew somehow someday I'd have the thing.

It is a MONSTER... the thing comes alive at 6000 and pulls to 8600 (where rev limiter/shift light are normally set) and further.

Still OT but at least theres some action in this Boooooring 850 forum.
Congrats on the car man. Will you be coming down for the Carlisle Import Auto Show this year with it?

BTW, nice garage. I'm jealous.
Love the car. Ive always liked the 850 in white, and the dark wheels make it all the better. I would check out easteraerospace in atlanta GA ( http://www.easternaerospace.com/automotive/ ). Here is a package that they have for 83+ Turbo 850s...
Level IV Tuning Service............ $3,741.90
- Magnecor Wires *
- Modified Intercooler Airflow
- Optimized Turbo Boost Setting
- Overboost Cut-Off Bypass
- Big-Bore Throttle Body
- K&N Air Filter
- ECU Upgrade
- Electronic Super Coil **
- Extrudehone Intake Manifold
- Extrudehone Exhaust Manifold
- Extrudehone Turbo
- 180F Thermostat
Est. Power Gain = 140HP
what can I say... thats 360hp!
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Have you done any bus. with Eastern Aerospace before? I am driving my 850 to Atlanta for a seminar next week and was tempted to stop in and get some goodies. BUT I have heard from numerous people that the place has a bit to be desired. I have heard some pretty rough things about the place and was suggested to not look at them if I want it done right and want fair prices. I may look in the shop to form my own opinion, but I have heard few bad things about anyone else. I have seen people slamming Eastern Aerospace on the web, maybe some unhappy customers? Care to shed some light on 'em for me? I am willing to give anyone a fair shake, just asking for your $.02 worth.

Hmm..have you ever tried any of his upgrades?Have you done anything similar to his modification list? I have started on my project way before this guy even started to advertise on the Net. I have done more than he has done...ever..and I can tell you, there is no estimated 140hp gain there. Let's try to keep this in this forum, I can't imagine what others would think of us Volvo owners when they see us talking like that.
Matt: you should visit them, and talk to the guy in person. I'm sure you will then realize what the commotions are all about. I wouldn't suggest you buy their stuff, but just talk to the guy and let us know your honest opinion.
I will stop in and check it out. I will give him a fair shake. One thing that I have noticed is that there is some math that will not add up on his site. I will explain more when I get back from Atlanta. I will be "off the air" till the 10th since I will not have PC access during my training.

Till next time...
Hi Bill,

Looks nice. Glad to hear your trip was uneventful....How's the performance with the the IPD ECU...That's one upgrade I'll be looking into in the future...

[email protected] 97R "bright a$$ red"

P.S Couldn't find your post on the IPD discount details...How did you manage to get a deal??

Ayup I still need to post the IPD deal I wound up with. I wanted to make sure I got it all and they could not retract it for announcing what I paid in an online forum.

I'll post a new topic once the last of my 5 boxes arrive
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