$175 takes them. Paypal or cash in person.

Sorry to say it but local pick up only. I simply do not have the ability to package up and ship. I am located in Concord NC.
These came on my V70. I think they are Perfo's?
They are 16x6.5 according to the stamping on the inside of the wheel.
Part number 9173714.
2 have tires and the other 2 do not. However, the 2 tires that are on them may look ok but should be replaced. one has a big cut in the tread. So don't factor the tires into it.

The center caps are in ok shape. One has a scratch across it and another has broken tabs. Sadly it isnt the same one.

One of the wheels has a slow leak. For the life of me I could not find it. Loads of soapy water and not a bubble to be found. And even after having new tires mounted to it and having it checked by Discount Tire it still would slowly leak over time.