Today is the one-year anniversary of Sir Roger Moore's passing and to commemorate, Volvo has prepared a short video with his 1800 being driven by its original designer, Pelle Petterson.

"I designed the Volvo P1800, Roger Moore made it famous"

The quote comes from designer Pelle Petterson who, as a 25-year old intern at Carozzeria Frua in Italy, designed the iconic Volvo P1800 in 1957.

He refers to the 60´s television series "The Saint" in which Roger Moore played the lead character, the infamous Simon Templar, and drove a white P1800 in all the 118 episodes from 1962 until 1969. The show began as a mystery series but over the years integrated secret agent and fantasy-style plots. The show switched from black and white to color during the mid-60s. During the black and white episodes, Moore would start each episode talking to the audience. For the color episodes, Moore would begin each episode with a narration. After Jaguar rejected the request to use an E-type, Volvo was happy to provide their P1800.

In this film Pelle Petterson pays tribute to Sir Roger Moore who passed away one year ago, 23 May 2017. For the first time he drives the 1967 1800 S that Sir Roger was the registered owner of and was featured in the series with the famous "ST I" plates.