Cyan Racing has published the first pictures of the interior of its latest project: the Volvo P1800 Cyan. The resto-mod “represents Cyan Racing’s philosophy of how a sports car from the sixties merged with modern-day performance should be.”

Powered by a 420 hp, 2.0-liter engine based on the same engine that took Volvo and Cyan racing to a world title in the S60 TC1 race car.

The interior features a titanium roll hoop, racing seats, racing harnesses, and a digital instrument cluster that is designed to look roughly like the original P1800’s. 

“We have focused on creating an interior that reflects the car décor of the sixties in a modern version. We have kept the clean and driver-oriented interior of the original car, carefully moving it forward with modern materials and technology," said Ola Granlund, Head of Design at Cyan Racing.

Power appears to be funneled through a 4-speed manual transmission, which exciting, and the engine bay is squeaky clean.

“We have made an effort to highlight the light and nimble VEA Volvo engine, liberated from all elements of modern engines, with clear ties to the original Volvo P1800 of the sixties,” said Mattias Evensson, Project Manager and Head of Engineering.

The suspension is fully adjustable, the chassis is brand new, and Cyan says it has a “direct, unfiltered connection to the road.”

"It was of course a challenge to fuse our new technology with the constraints of the sixties base car. The end result is however a car that at a first glance is a P1800 with a wider track, but when you start driving, it delivers at a completely different level,” said Mattias Evensson.