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Power seat switches (BOTH sides GEN 1) $45 each

Air filters: 1 new and 1 with about 200 miles on it (8/70 series) $15 and $10 respectively

7 Center caps (black) $4 ea or $15 for a set of 4
black center caps painted Silver, $10 for the set
Black center caps with the Takspeed emblem vinyl covers already on them
$20 for the set

Radios: SC901 $85, SC815 Premium, cassette only (off my 96 850R, $25) Both in excellent working and cosmetic condition (with codes of course)

Right door power mirror assy complete (silver S//V 70, 98-00) $40

Stock grills (2 available) S/V70 $25 each

Winshield wiper blades P2 pre 05, Make offer

Headlight blades 8/70 series, $12
Coin holders (2) $10 ea.

Headlight wiper arms 8/70 series, rear wiper arm and blade (new)
Windshield wiper arms also 8/70 series, Make offer on each of those

Other parts available

Spring spacers for P2 R rear springs, will make the spring RATE about 20-30 lbs STIFFER!) In box, new, $45, IPD wants like $60 for these.

Closed P2 R fog grills $20 SOLD
More parts in the garage that I still have to go through.
Many assorted stock springs

Also available:
Some rare large posters, (framed) and some VERY rare automobile books and magazines.
I have some Car and Driver, Sports car illustrated and some other auto magazines from 1958 through 1964 IN BINDERS, UNREAD and in MINT condition

Also I will sell some of my show trophies....impress your friends

The only problem is you would have to be over 55 years old, these are from the 70's 80's and some from the 90's

These were given to me in the late 60's as a present. Really cool, the hard binders are embossed! Some incredible pictures and articles that many "youngsters" have never seen!

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Re: (SHIFT_S60R)

Quote, originally posted by SHIFT_S60R »
Are the "Closed P2 fog grills" for an R?

Yes sorry, edited

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Re: (shagginwagon)

Quote, originally posted by shagginwagon »
About how much do the spring spacers raise ride height height?
Probably 0 to about 7/16" depending on which coils you place them between.
I initially got these because the Sonic was too low (TME springs) in the rear (for me).
Not only did they raise the rear back up about 3/8" it made the rear a tad stiffer and it worked (handled) better.
However the way these coils are I can see placing them between a wider spaced coil so it really wouldn't raise the ride height but would add a bit of spring rate.
I placed them between a tight coil so it would raise it.
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