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This isn't mine but I'm helping unload it all. Guy who owns it is trying to recoup money he recently put into it. Car was very nice. He tried to sell it as a whole but wanted too much for it (IMO) so is parting it out to get a down payment on a new (gasp)....Subie. :facepalm:

Much is already spoken for but alot is still left too - I only listed prices for things I know of. Anything else I'll have to ask. A tensioner came apart so the motor is junk, but the peripherals are all there and in perfect shape. Trannie still works well ($150). AC is cold. Only flaw in the interior ($250 complete) is the split in the driver's seat (I might have a line on a new bottom). Front door panels have no wrinkles. Back ones have a slight slack in one spot but not separated. Coil packs were replaced (new OE) 22k ago ($100/set of 6). Rims are 15" - tires will be dismounted for easier ship - they are 43mm offset so will fit many of the newer bricks....cheap snows? ($125 / all 4). Front clip is minty - complete with very nice headlamps ($400 complete). Headlamps only ($150/pr). The driver's side fog is still intact but hazy ($20). Brakes/rotors are new Brembos / Federal Moguls and have less than 300 miles on them (IIRC, rear pads are still new-uninstalled).

Here's whats taken:

Roof Rails
Sunroof / Headliner (hole is sealed so interior is safe)
Door Handles
Doors (possibly)
Tail lamps (possibly)
Rear Hatch
Rocker Trims
Rear Bumper

This car is currently stored about 3 hrs from me but I'll be nearby Tues-Wed so could pick up some stuff (or get more pics) if anyone is interested, so ask now as I dont know weather-wise when I'll be able to get down there again. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Big stuff is better to be picked up....I can even meet you somewhere with it as well. I'll be heading to New Hampshire via upstate NY in about a week so keep that route in mind too.

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