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Parting out 1995 850 Turbo wagon - Albany, NY

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I recently acquired a 95 850 Turbo Wagon off craigslist, with some very minor front end damage (see pictures). I had planned to fix it up, but changed my mind.

So, I'd like to part it out, and see if there's anything on it here that anyone needs.

Here's the details:

1995 850 Turbo wagon
dark green with light tan leather interior
177253 miles (read from computer, odometer is broken and stopped at 174k)

the bad:
sounds like the front passenger side wheel bearing is bad
ABS/TRACS system is most likely not working, the lights are on
hood is broken
passenger side headlight/turn signal are smashed
bottom edge of tailgate is a bit rusty
front seats are pretty worn

So, let me know if there's any parts you need, or if you have any questions.

NOTE: The wheels in the pictures are NOT for sale.

Also, if you're nearby (Albany, NY area) you could make me an offer for the whole thing if you'd like.


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Re: Parting out 1995 850 Turbo wagon - Albany, NY (cY2k)

You have PM
Re: Parting out 1995 850 Turbo wagon - Albany, NY (bobbrown13)

I'm guessing you don't have all the wheels, and if you do they don't balance out?

If I'm wrong I'm very interested in the wheels.
Re: Parting out 1995 850 Turbo wagon - Albany, NY (1999_V70)

Sorry, I should have said this in the original post. I'll go and edit it now.

I'm keeping the wheels, so if someone ends up wanting the whole thing I'll be throwing on some old snows that I have so they can roll it away.

but the wheels on the car in the pictures are NOT for sale.

thanks for asking
IM'd about the master window control module (by the ebrake)
Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

I have someone interested in buy the whole thing from me. I'll follow up on this post if it falls through however. thanks for the interest!
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