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We're parting an '83 245DL with 97K actual miles. It is missing the fuel pump and has some floor rust, as well as some other minor rust. We figured it is worth more in parts at this point than as a whole car. We picked it up not running. It has been off the road for a year and a half. The timing belt went, and the mechanic did not know how to line up the marks. It ran after the job, but the timing was way off, so the previous owner let it sit.

It has a B23F with an AW70 auto tranny (low miles, remember?)
Yellow with brown vinyl interior.
Some rust in the fenders, behind the wheels, and on the doors. Not terrible, but not worth fixing in our opinion
Floor is rusty. I have seen worse, but have no intention to fix.

Just a few parts it has (car is complete, as of now):
002 AMM, looks like a reman unit
drivers tail lamp (pass cracked)
headlight setup
Pass. front parking light assy.
instrument cluster

Car is located in Westport, PA. Parts requests, anyone?? Please email me at the address in my signature. Thanks.
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