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Hey guys!

You all know way more about in car entertainment than I do. After browsing some of these threads, I'm blown away at what you all have done! That's why I'm asking you all this BEFORE I attempt anything stupid...

I have a 2006 Volvo S60R with a stock HU-850 radio that has served me well. however, the lack of aux input and navigation has made me want to upgrade. Something in the double DIN range..... after searching units, I have fallen in love with the Parrot Asteroid Smart. Here's a link to the item.


and here's the back of it!


SO before I spend a crap ton of money on it and get halfway through an install only to realize how badly I've messed something up, what all do i need? I'd like to have the steering controls still work as well, which is tricky, or so I've heard. as far as i know, I'll need a new surround, which doesn't look to hard to find.

Here are my questions:
What all will I need? (wiring adapters, thingies to make the steering wheel work, a brain...)
Is this a good idea?
Should I have someone do it professionally?
Would I be better off with a different head unit?

I do have a pretty good understanding of electronics, I just want to make sure im not doing anything stupid here.

Thank you guys so much for your help, I promise to send everyone invisible Volvo internet love!
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