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parking brake repaired!

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I have had problems with my parking brake ever since the shoes delaminated inside the rotor. I installed aftermarket shoes, and new OEM cables. It would not hold on a hill with the adjustment adjusted as tight as it would go.

I recently purchased OEM shoes and hardware (4 springs on each side). Now the parking brake acts like new. 2 clicks and it holds on any hill. My problem seemed to be the aftermarket shoes.

I know others are having similar issues, so I thought I should post.
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I do for safety, but it is not needed at all. It holds like a champ! I still can't believe it!
Just so we are clear here. The parking brake is the fail over / redundent system to the cars motor / tranny holding your car on a hill. not the other way around.

Propper way to park on a hill would be turn wheels correct way dependent on how you are parked, shut car off, release clutch in 1st grill. let car settle, then engadge parking brake.

If you engadge the parking brake before you let the clutch out, the motor is not holding anything, and if the parking brake fails, the sudden stress on the gearbox could cause it to fall out of gear and roll away.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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