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i'm selling a pair of headlights that i had to replace on my S60R.
Short story, i've moved last year from Canada to Europe and brought the car as well with me; the headlights for NA market cannot be used in Europe so i had to replace them. before replacing the whole unit i have replaced only the lenses as the glass was not labeled for Eu market but it wasn't enough as the light is focused different as well. The headlights are sold with the power unit for the xenon bulbs; no xenon bulb lights included only the daylight ones - inner lights - as they are different for the Eu lights as well...
The headlights glasses are Valeo and costed me 250 euros both; the car was stored outside for a while and the headlight are sealed properly as i have kept the original silicon from the factory when installing the new lenses- no moisture after a month in rain and snow.Please check the pictures for more details and feel free to contact me for any inquiries ; i will upload more pictures on the web and provide the link for more pictures if needed.
The headlights will be shipped from Germany and tracking nr and insurance will be provided. Please contact me for an accurate shipping quote sending me your address and zip code. I will split the costs with you!
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