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So I recently bought an 04 s60 R and currently am using an 07 2.5t as donor parts, I looked at the price online to see about how much it would cost to get an aluminum Rollie pollie cup holder for the center console conversion and it cost like $200 so I decided to test seeing if sanding down and painting the base model cup holder down, putting primer on, and painting it with acrylic paint the same color would do the job. Well I just finished and it turned out pretty good looking and dare I say convincing. I painted some other parts too the same color to accentuate the aluminum in the car, let me know what you guys think!

Paints and primers used:

Primer- Rust-o-leum automotive primer $5

Metallic aluminum- DecoArt Americana gloss enamel shimmering silver $2 from hobby lobby

Graphite- SEM classic coat graphite #17113 $25 from O'Reilly's

Clear coat- Rust-o-leum semi-gloss clear 2x

Liquid Fluid Cosmetics Personal care Drink

Wood Automotive lighting Cylinder Fender Gas

White Motor vehicle Hood Light Automotive design
Tool Bumper Hand tool Automotive exterior Grey
Office equipment Gadget Gas Motor vehicle Tints and shades
Grille Automotive lighting Bumper Rectangle Gas
Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Carbon
Hood Automotive tire Bumper Automotive design Gadget


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