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painted moldings?

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Hi guys,

I've got a 2001 S40 and I'd like to get the moldings painted to match the rest of the car's silver. Does anyone know how much this would be and would it look good? Why doesnt Volvo do this at the factory? Everyone from Honda to BMW does this nowadays.
I think i read somewhere that Volvo doesnt paint them so as to make the car look lower. That doesnt make sense because why would import enthusiasts, who want to make the car look as low as possible, get them painted?
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Hey guys,

The moldings on my S40 are not actually painted, they are covered with vinyl livery (high performance decal) the stuff applies easily, looks great, and is very reliable. This is cheaper, easier and as I mentioned, much more reliable than paint.

If any of you guys need some I may be able to hook you up with some, currently I can get silver easily, just drop me an email.

Of course, The single element rear wing is in the process of being completed (I had to build one from scratch and yes it's built to BTCC regulations but not out of carbon fiber)
And yes there will also be a BTCC front spoiler (also built to spec. but not out of carbon fiber) I still have not yet begun construction of that as right now i've got a ton of stuff to prepare for and I don't have my front lowering springs yet either!!!

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