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Painted Grille

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I just finished painting my grille. I was wondering if there was anything i could put on it to protect it from getting washed off...


1st Coat:

4th Coat:


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Looks super nice! The thing I did to mine when I painted it was put a few clear coats over all the black coats, that will help prolong the paint job. However, be prepared to have to touch it up every now and then from stupid rocks and road debris hitting it and chipping tiny parts of paint off. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Painted Grille (GetDown)

Looks good! Is the volvo symbol just a square piece of plastic you pop off, then back on?

You should do your fog light covers...I just did mine, but I can't figure out how to get the lower center grill off without breaking anything. I'm planning to try again when it's warmer.
Re: Painted Grille (GetDown)

I just went to the hardware store and dumped instant drying on it...I just covered the plastic part with 3M tape and pulled it off in the end. That was tricky because i think you can take the plastic part off but the crack is so small but if youre not careful water, spray paint etc. can get behind it and dry. If I could get the plastic off the blue part would be orange...Should I paint the fog covers the stock grey?

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Re: Painted Grille (GetDown)

Quote, originally posted by GetDown »

now you can snap your lower grille back in place.
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I'd paint the fogs and lower grille with the exact same paint you used on the grille. As for the Volvo symbo, I learned the hard way that the chroming and blue on the inside of it is very easily scratched off. If you do try to remove it don't use anything with a sharp edge otherwise you'll scrape it up. It is basically just painted on the inside, so if you do get it off without messing up the chroming you could just carefully remove the blue and put some other color, but that could be pretty time consuming.
Re: Painted Grille (GetDown)

hmmm...I realized after I posted before that also painting the lowers black may look to prominent with your stock gray. If you did go gray and it didn't match the body color of the car it might look weird b/c then you could have 3 different grays going on (body paint, sprayed covers, oem plastic trim) My car is black and I have the oem bodykit so it's a no-brainer to paint them black.
ha i didnt want to mess the lower grille up, ill pop it back....As for the fog covers, can you just pop those off too? If that's the case ill get on painting those black because Im on spring break for another week and some
I think I will be doing this to my grille sooner than later
. Good job on the small project. Can you list out the products you used to paint and clean the grille? How did you end up removing the grille from the bumper? How did you take off the volvo emblem before painting as well?

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Re: Painted Grille (GetDown)

1. Spray Paint for plastics (Krylon-No sanding or priming needed but i sanded a little anyway)
2. Rubbing alcohol to clean the grille it after washing it
3. Blue 3M tape to cover the volvo, it got painted over in the very first pics but still there, but everything from the chrome ring out got painted. I had a little chrome that was unpainted around the volvo because of the tape (only see upclose) but i worked that out and just sprayed more. Carrergt says its not a good idea to remove the plastic volvo cover. Another warning, moisture can get behind the volvo plastic cover.
4. I used 4 coats im not sure how many you want to use...
5. Clear coat spray paint for protect it. I got the ACE hardware brand that the recommended in their store, but it was instant drying so i just kept on spraying.
6. Remove the tape and pop it back in...

I just took off my fog light covers as well. Everything kind of clips in, so to remove the grille get a flat head screw driver, pull the grille out a little bit on the top and stick the screw between the grille and hood and pop it out. Do this about three times along the grille until the top is off then give a little tug outward to the bottom and it should be off. There are 4 little hookups on the top and four on the bottom. Be care the ones on the bottom slide out and I broke two of the trying to pull at an angle (see below). It pops back in just as easy as it came off.

Sorry for the night time pics, I was off messing with stuff on my car....
The clips...(see the two i broke)

Here are the inserts on the grille

Good Luck!
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I wonder how it would look if you painted the entire grill black, except for the blue strip that says "Volvo" (the chrome volvo symbol will be painted black). I think it would make it even more unique.
Thats a really good idea, the only problem would be getting the plastic part off so that i could get to it and paint it. im actually about to look into that. Carreragt7 how did you remove the plastic cover?

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Re: (GetDown)

If you were going to just leave the strip of blue it might end up easier/safer to just tape off that blue strip area and paint on the outside of the badge. Taking it apart risks damaging it. If done right painting the outside of it could look almost as good.
What way should you pull the front Grille off? did you just use brute force and just pulled as hard as you can?! I really don't want to break those clips from the front bumpers... means you might need a new front bumper replacements! >.<
You barely need any force, the screw drive will take care of most it (Slide the screwdriver in and pop the top of it upward until that point of it pops off). You see where the hooks are. You could use the screw driver as well for the bottom, i did that my very first time, big a little tug is all you need.
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