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I'm looking in to building my 99 V70R

My plan is to be able to take this thing to the drag races and track days and have it be quick.
Aiming for 350 AWHP

Current plan:
GT2871R turbo
big bore intake from Viva
1000 cc injectors
do88 RIP kit
KW coilovers
IPD track spec sway bars

I'll add to this list later..

My questions are:

How strong are the rods? What hp can these withstand? Trying to decide if I should build the lower end as well..
What turbo do you all recommend?
Know any places who can tune it?
How can I build the AWD system to withstand this much power?
To manual swap or stay auto...?
P2 R brake swap? Worth it?

Any advice/suggestions are appreciated :)
I built a Mk2 VW Golf for my first project car but that was much simpler than a Volvo...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts